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Barefoot Shoes

Barefoot shoes are shoes that provide very minimal padding between the foot and the walked surface. This post describes my experiences using them.

Why do I want to try?

One day, while hiking near La Pedriza, I and a group of friends wanted to cross a stream. There were a few stones that others hopped over and got to the other end. I was stuck. My shoes were slipping on these rocks and I did not want to be drenched. So, I took off my shoes and achieved the task barefoot. I felt nice. There were new sensations in my feet I never knew existed. I continued to hike without the shoes. Then someone saw me and said, I should not walk like this as there is glass from beer bottles that can hurt my feet. He further suggested, that if I want to, I should invest in a pair of barefoot shoes.

What did I do?

I spent a few hours looking for good hiking shoes online which has a very thin 'Vibram' sole. The new ones were expensive, so I went to this popular used clothes store and found a decent pair of Merrell for €20. I aimed to experiment with how these shoes perform for regular walking, hiking, and running.



Do I recommend them?

For purposes mentioned above —Yes. I do not recommend them for walking in the city as the impact of concrete is too much for me.

Cheers! Let me know if anyone needs more info.